Meus top 5 livros de 2018

5. Em Busca de Sentido de Viktor E. Frankl Frankl foi um psiquiatra austríaco-judeu que sobreviveu o Holocausto, e em neste livro ele divulga a sua experiência nos campos de concentração e os seus métodos usando psicoterapia para buscar o sentido de viver. Tendo passado por quatro campos diferentes, 1942-1945, Frankl tenta responder como a vida cotidiana… Continue reading Meus top 5 livros de 2018

My top 5 reads of 2018

5. Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl  Frankl was an Austrian-Jewish psychiatrist who survived the Holocaust, and in this memoir he shares his experience in the concentration camps and how using psychotherapy to find a reason to live. Having been through four different camps,1942-1945, Frankl tries to answer how the daily life in the… Continue reading My top 5 reads of 2018

América Latina: a região mais violenta para mulheres

Recentemente a Organização das Nações Unidas anunciaram que a América Latina e o Caribe é a região mais violenta para mulheres fora das zonas de guerras, onde nove mulheres são assassinadas diariamente.  A razão principal do alto numero desses assassinatos é feminicídio, quando mulheres são assassinadas por serem mulheres, frequentemente por um parceiro ou ex-parceiro.… Continue reading América Latina: a região mais violenta para mulheres

Latin America: the most violent region for women

The United Nations recently announced that Latin America and the Caribbean is the most violent region for women outside of war zones, where an estimated number of nine women are killed daily. The main reason for the high number of these murders is femicide, when women are killed for being women, often by an partner… Continue reading Latin America: the most violent region for women

My top 5 reads of 2017

My room is filled with books that I have yet to read, and even so I always end up buying more. There is no such thing for me as “finishing the books I have before getting new ones.” I always stumble upon classics or newly published books that I am too intrigued to leave behind,… Continue reading My top 5 reads of 2017

How I grew up to learn the importance of literature

Literature is a powerful factor for ones education and self-growth. It does not matter if it is fiction or non-fiction, literature has the power to bring out all kinds of emotions. It cultivates imagination, helps you form ideas, opinions, and takes you on journeys to worlds far from the physical. It is beneficial for the… Continue reading How I grew up to learn the importance of literature

The Cursed Twins: A Review

In the Unreported World episode, The Cursed Twins, aired on May 9th, reporter Kiki King unmasks the taboo against twins in city of Mananjary located on the isolated east coast of Madagascar. It is a taboo that has left children abandon and mothers rejected from society for keeping them. The true origin of the taboo… Continue reading The Cursed Twins: A Review

The Guardian Visit

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to visit The Guardian located at King´s Cross with the journalism society from university. There we were informed about their history as well as how they are expanding to the US and Australia. It was also interesting to know about their process and everything that goes on before the… Continue reading The Guardian Visit