Hi there, I’m Isabela!

I’m a Brazilian-Czech Swede from Stockholm, with a graduate degree in Journalism and French from Kingston University London. With experience in both communications and journalism, I’m constantly drawn to stories that will help shape my understanding of the world.

As a result, journalism was a natural calling for me. I believe that it carries the power of providing knowledge and breaking down ignorance. When done properly journalism is democratic, bringing the truth about events and people to the public eye. This is the kind of journalism that motivates and inspires me in the work I have done, both professionally and academically.


Topics that interest me ranges from freedom of expression and censorship, to women’s and LGBT rights, as well as  migration and integration. I also find it fascinating when art gets incorporated with the topics mentioned, be it through illustrations, music or literature.

Since childhood I had a strong force of wanting to break down stereotypes and fight injustice. Back then I did not have the tools and information to fully express myself and share my thoughts in an effective way. However, now I believe that I’m getting there, day by day.

I believe that my interest for the world originates from my multicultural background. Having been brought up experiencing different languages and traditions  I became keen on exploring and comprehending the differences, but at the same time, similarities of people. That is why I believe it is important that each individual has access to a diverse set of views and stories for greater understanding about the world they live in.

Feel free to get in touch with any comments, questions or ideas.



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